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Title: Picnic on Aix
Author: fannishliss
Reader: desertport
Length: 1:06:41, 61.06 mb
Rating: Mature
Pairing/Characters: Nine/Rose
Author's Summary This fic takes place after "Father's Day" -- they go to a picnic planet, but the Tardis locks them out in the rain until they come to terms with each other.

Links audio // text

(Coming in way over the wire, but very grateful for the impetus to record one of my favorite DW fics!)

Podtor Who 2013 Masterlist

Hello friends. This is late, I apologise, but here is the podtor_who Masterlist! If you meant to contribute but didn't have time, please do post to the community anyway!

Readers: On a personal note from me, please do crosspost to amplificathon and tag as '!notarchived' as I think we lost some of the podfics recorded last fest, because they were uploaded to sendspace and the ex-megaupload. Audiofic is forever.

Listeners: Please do listen and comment - I haven't had time (argh, Christmas. argh, writing, etc) to listen to as many as I'd like to, and I haven't commented on the ones I have listened to - but don't follow my example! Listen and comment.

Everyone: Thank you so much for participating and making podtor_who 2013 a success!

25th November: Death in the Tealeaves by aralias, podficced by aralias [Eight, Lucie | PG]
26th November: Les souvenirs s'interprêtent comme les rêves by flo_nelja, podficced by cantarina1 [Yana & Chantho, Ten/Master | G | French]
27th November: Last Year I Think I Wore Red For The End Of The World by paperclipbitch, podficced by chestnut_filly [Lucy | PG-13]
28th November: Various drabbles by various, podficced by aralias [Various | PG]
29th November: Familiarity by aralias, podficced by corngold [Ten/Master | PG-13]
30th November: I Could Be Your Type by aralias, podficced by corngold [Doctor/Master | PG-13]
1st December: The Amazon by neveralarch, podficced by hobbit_feets [Four/Delgado!Master, Jo | PG-13]
2nd December: The Care and Feeding of Tiny Humans (and slightly larger Time Lords) by netgirl_y2k, podficced by reena_jenkins [Eleven, Amelia, Sarah Jane, River | PG]
3rd December: Five Times Jenny Met One Of The Doctor's Companions by netgirl_y2k, podficced by reena_jenkins [Jenny, Mel, Sarah Jane, Romana, Tegan, Mickey | PG]
4th December: Spitting Images by netgirl_y2k, podficced by reena_jenkins [Donna, Ten, Romana, Martha, Sylvia, Daleks | PG]
6th December: Pages upon Pages by such_heights, podficced by nickelmountain [Clara, Eleven, Amy | G]
7th December: Fallen (or How Charlotte Pollard Very Nearly Reformed the Master) by lost_spook, podficced by eve11 [Charley, Delgado!Master | G]
8th December: Your History Written in Stars and Time by such_heights, podficced by eve11 [Donna | G]
14th December: Go Places by glinda_penguin, podficced by glinda_penguin [Rose, Iris | PG]
18th December: He Remembers Dying by aralias, podficced by cyranothe2nd [Ten/Master | PG]
20th December: Our Backwards Walk" and "Our Backwards Walk (the two steps forward remix) by netgirl_y2k and such_heights, podficced by nickelmountain [Lis X/River | PG-13]
21st December: To Dive into the Fire by tierfal, podficced by cyranothe2nd [Ten/Simm!Master | PG-13]
24th December: Life, After by hobbit_feets, podficced by hobbit_feets [Nine/Ace | PG-13]
Sartorial Differences (The Passion in Your Fashion Remix) by Aris Merquoni (ArisTGD), podficced by hobbit_feets [Six/Ainley, Evelyn | NC-17]

podtor who is officially over!

happy 25th december, podtor_who podficcers and pod-listeners!

thank you very much everyone who participated, whether it be in podficcing or commenting (or both!). if you meant to post a podfic and didn't have time, please post whenever you have time. the masterlist will probably go up some time later today.
Happy Christmas, all! I hope you enjoy this one; there can never be too much Six porn in the world. Even better when it's Six porn with bitching about coats and bonus Evelyn (not involved in the actual porn, she points out, thank you very much.)

Title: Sartorial Differences (The Passion in Your Fashion Remix)
Author: Aris Merquoni (ArisTGD)
Reader: Culumacilinte (ie: hobbit_feets)
Length: 2011
Rating: Explicit
Pairing/Characters: Sixth Doctor/The Master (Ainley), Evelyn Smythe
Author's Summary: The Doctor asks for a favor, the Master asks for some compensation, change is a good thing, and Time Lords (most of them, anyway) aren't much good at recognizing situational irony.

Links: text/audio

day 18 (belatedly): life, after

Massive, massive apologies for my latitude; this one was supposed to go up a week ago, but my computer et it, and I was so annoyed that instead of re-recording it that day, I let it wait a week. But here it is at last! I have one due tomorrow as well which I promise will actually be up tomorrow.

Title: Life, After
Author: Culumacilinte
Reader: Culumacilinte (ie: hobbit_feets)
Length: 3108
Rating: Teen and up
Pairing/Characters: Ace McShane/Ninth Doctor
Author's Summary: ‘Come back to the TARDIS, then.’ He offers it like it’s the obvious alternative, but Ace bites her lip. Maybe it is the obvious alternative, and she’d be lying if she said some part of her wasn’t tempted, but it feels… too soon, somehow. Or something. Too much like giving the Doctor power over her life again, and she doesn’t know that she’ll ever be ready for that.

Links: audio // text

Also, as a peace offering for my ridic lateness, here is a bonus fic. It isn't newly recorded, but it is Who, and I think probably most people here have not heard it. Eleven and Amy having adventures with sadpuppy Antarctic explorers: here

Day 21: To Dive Into the Fire

John Simm David Tennant the Doctor and the Master

Title: To Dive Into the Fire
Author: tierfal
Reader: cyranothe2nd
Length: 30 minutes, 26.8 MB, mp3
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Characters: The Master/10th Doctor
Author's Summary: In which the Doctor is oblivious and boring and depressed, so the Master takes matters into his own hands.
Warnings: the Master is sketchy and sex-starved; mild smut; some language; Shakespeare; shameless pop culture references; another S3 Master-as-a-really-bad-companion AU
Reader's Notes: Music from 'Closet Romantic' by Damon Albarn and image by the BBC

Download here
I recorded two podfics to make the word requirement! They're available for download individually and together in one podbook.

Title: Our Backwards Walk
Author: netgirl_y2k
Reader & cover artist: nickelmountain
Rating: General Audiences
Pairing: River Song/Liz X
Characters: River Song, Liz X, The Doctor
Length: 00:12:08 (913 words)
Music: Soft Shock (acoustic), by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Summary: River and Liz X are all out of order, and there's no such person as the Queen of Scotland.

mp3 || m4b
Streaming available through mp3 link

Title: Our Backwards Walk (the two steps forward remix)
Author: such_heights
Reader & cover artist: nickelmountain
Rating: Teen and Up
Pairing: Liz X/River Song
Characters: Liz X, River Song
Length: 00:04:00 (296 words)
Music: Soft Shock, by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Summary: Liz never knows when she's going to see River next, which is part of the fun of it.

mp3 || m4b
Streaming available through mp3 link

...and the combo:

Length: 00:16:08 (combined 1209 words)

Day 19: He Remembers Dying

Title:He Remembers Dying
Author: aralias
Reader: cyranothe2nd
Length: 11:46 min, 10.7 MB, mp3
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: The Master/10th Doctor
Author's Summary: He remembers dying. He remembers dying and the drums have stopped, which means he must be dead. Logically.
Warnings: spoilers for 'Last of the Timelords'
Reader's Notes: Music from 'I Don't Want Love' by The Antlers

download here

Sorry for the late entry--I claimed Dec 18th only a few hours ago! 

Podtor Who Day 15: Go Places

Title: Go Places
Author: glinda
Reader: glinda
Length: 7.07mins/6.6MB
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Rose, Iris Wildthyme
Author's Summary: Her heart will always go one step too far, its not only the Doctor who needs someone to tell him to stop.

Apologies for the lateness of this podfic, unforunately I had a case of bricked laptop so the lovely 'recorded with a nice microphone' and neatly edited in ProTools version of this story has gone the way of all flesh tech. So this is not quite as smooth and shiny as it would have been otherwise. Nonetheless, this is a bit of an oddity in its own right. An AU that ignores the end of Season 4 of Doctor Who and...well the prompt was 'Pete's World doesn't have a Doctor but it does have an Iris Wildthyme'...

download here|text here
podtor_who Day 14. Thanks to such_heights for giving me permission to give this story a go. It is a short but absolutely brilliant look at Donna post Journey's End.

Title: Your History Written in Stars and Time
Author: such_heights
Words: 1462
Characters: Donna Noble
Rating: All Ages
Summary: Donna's forgotten. The universe hasn't.

Read by: eve11
Length: 8:40
Reading: here at tindeck
Download: 7.9MB also at the above link

Also, bonus for those interested in Old School Who; it's not newly recorded so I didn't think it should count for a fest day. But I didn't really advertise it anywhere outside of a flocked post on my lj until recently (you can put podfic links up on AO3! Who knew...). So anyway folks may have checked out the master list from last time, and if you liked Turn Your Back (Doctor #7) by singeaddams, I relatively recently also did Chapter 5, 26:04 with the Fifth Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa and Adric (as well as some cameos). These stories are all brilliant and so far have been terribly fun to read.